Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Evansville, Indiana

Dr. Richard Orr

Are you interested in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery?  Are you tired of all the advertised gimmicks, discount ads like a car dealership, and flashy shows on TV that may not be actually showing reality?  Are you ready for some serious but comfortable discussions with an experienced plastic surgeon, to discuss what is bothering you and what all the options might be for their correction?

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Richard Orr located in Evansville, Indiana.  Dr. Orr and his staff strive to provide timely, current, and professional care with state-of-the-art expertise, yet with friendly and courteous patient support.   The strictest confidentiality is of the utmost importance.  Dr. Orr is very interested and concerned in bringing a warm, personal and caring touch into his practice, for both those patients interested in correcting a cosmetic concern, as well as those who are in need of his reconstructive expertise.  His wife, Tammy, works by his side as his nurse, bringing her own skills and warm personality into the office to help patients achieve their very best. 

Tammy provides, not only her years of experience in nursing, both in and out of the operating room, but a wealth of information to help you throughout your surgical experience.   She is able to answer most of your questions about your procedure, but also acts as our skin care expert, to add to your overall best result.

Kathy, as the office manager, will strive to make your experience within the office a comfortable and satisfying experience.  She is extremely easy to work with, helping you with all your financial questions, cost estimates, financing options, as well as any insurance questions or assistance you may need.

We encourage you to browse our site to learn more about Dr. Orr, our plastic surgery team, plastic surgery procedures and more. Call us today to schedule a one-on-one plastic surgery or skin care consultation with Dr. Orr at 812-428-4139.