“Just a quick note of thanks.  Thank you for giving your talents, skills and such a giving heart to {my best friend} today.  She seems to be doing well.  You are the reason she has any sense of hope.  I am forever – forever indebted to you. Your kindness and support is a lost gift.  You are truly a blessing to so many.  Thanks so much!”

-S.H., RN (friend of a breast cancer reconstruction patient)


“I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have had you for my surgeon.  I was a nervous wreck before coming to your office.  You made a scary (to me) procedure not so scary.  You have given me confidence that I’m not sure I have ever had and for that I am truly grateful.  Words cannot express how grateful I am. 

Thank you for being so caring and awesome!”



“Thank you so very much. I am very impressed by your work. Your skill and professionalism were very remarkable. You were personable and friendly. I really appreciate your work and I thank you very much!”

-R. S.


“This is one bill I don’t mind paying.

Thank you guys very much for all that you’ve done. I haven’t had a better doctor than Dr. Orr; his bedside manner is like nothing I’ve ever seen. He makes the “experience” of having breast cancer so much easier. I enjoy coming to my appointments so I can see you ladies at the front desk and Dr. Orr.

I cannot put into words how much I appreciate everybody there.”

Thanks again,


“Dear Dr. Orr, Thank you for the wonderful care you gave {patient}.  It is not often we get to witness the very special bond between physicians and their patients, especially one as special as {patient}, her family and you! The care you gave her was exceptional! Something we will not forget!”

-L.B. RN (Home Care Coordinator)


“If you are looking for a dedicated, caring and genuinely honest surgeon, Dr. Orr is who you want to schedule a consultation with! When I first met Dr. Orr, I was amazed by his bright personality and kind bedside manner. He listens intently to better understand your concerns and explains everything in detail so you’re confident in your decision. Not only is Dr. Orr a gem, but Kathy and his staff have a caring nature that make you feel like you have made the right choice. My surgery went fabulous. I knew everything to expect beforehand. Dr. Orr was brilliant. Even the nurses that prepped me for surgery said that they would “only” go to Dr. Orr for cosmetic procedures. What a testimony! Many of them have worked beside him for years and have witnessed his gentle approach and attention to perfection in surgery. I can’t say enough about Dr. Orr. If you want to talk to me personally, I will allow him to give you my name and number. This is a very critical and long-lasting procedure. Your choice in surgeons is the most important choice you will make. Don’t compromise!”



“Thanks for making a horrible experience in my life not so horrible. I was in a Dark Place when I came to see you. You made it not so dark! You’re a Great, Caring doctor! And the ladies you have working for you are Gems! Thanks for everything!”

-J.H. (a breast cancer reconstruction patient)


“I recently moved up to Chicago, new job, new life, blah, blah. I’m currently working at a bar/night club for the time being, and most of these girls are like the best of the best. Pretty, and have had a lot of work done, etc. and not one of them can ever believe me that my boobs are fake. Every single girl I have met has told me they are the best they have ever seen. I had a girl tell me she went to Chicago to get hers, paid $12,000, and she said she would trade me in a heartbeat. So just a reminder of how good you are at what you do! Hope all is well!”

-E. Z. (a breast enhancement patient)


“I am so HAPPY with the entire interaction and outcome of my time/procedure with you. Your expertise, professionalism and caring concerns, along with the GREAT final results far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!”



“Dr. Orr gave me back my self-esteem. At age 31 I had to undergo a single mastectomy due to breast cancer. It was an unfortunate bump in my road of life, and without the perfect reconstruction, I would be reminded of this blip forever. After the mastectomy, looking in a mirror was extremely emotional and I never thought I would feel whole again. The decision to have Dr. Orr perform my reconstruction is one that has impacted my life forever. I am so happy with the person that I am today, inside and out. 

I was very impressed during my initial consultation with Dr. Orr. He is a highly-trained and committed medical professional but also a down-to-earth, sincere person. I was calmed and comfortable talking with him. My reconstruction is complete and I have unboxed the tank tops and bikinis I never thought I would feel confident wearing again. I am amazed at the symmetry and natural look that I have.

Many of us must put the fate of our self-esteem into the hands of someone we don’t really know. Dr. Orr has earned my trust, and now I recommend him just as my friends did for me. Dr. Orr, I am forever grateful to you. Thank you.”

Take Care,


“The first time I met Dr. Orr, I felt like I had known him forever – he made me that comfortable. He makes otherwise intimidating procedures, painless and even exciting, by focusing on the positive outcomes! As a client for over 10 years now, I have a high level of trust in his skills and expertise, and value his compassion and warm personality. Needless to say, I highly recommend Dr. Orr to anyone who may be considering a corrective or cosmetic procedure. “



“I have been coming to Dr. Orr as a patient since the year 2000. I highly recommend him as a surgeon! He truly listens and cares about the wants and needs of his patients. I have had a number of procedures performed and they include Breast Augmentation, Brow Lift, Upper and Lower Eye Lifts, Spider-Vein Treatments, Micro-Dermabrasion, Botox, Collagen Injections, and last but not least Lip Enhancements. Over these last nine years I have been nervous but also so very excited about each procedure I have had. Dr. Orr and his staff are so professional and yet treat you as though you are part of their family. I would never dream of going to anyone other than Dr. Orr. I have all the trust in the world in him and his staff.”


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