Allergan Breast Implant Patients

As many of you may be aware, one of the breast implant manufacturers, Allergan, has been asked to recall there textured breast implants by the FDA.  There has been an association of textured implants to a rare tumor referred to as anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL.  84% of all of the ALCL cases have been associated with Allergan textured breast implants.  It has NOT been recommended that Allergan implants to be removed from patients, but that we as surgeons simply not place any more of these implants in patients.

For those patients who have Allergan textured implants, there are options to consider.  One of those options is to do nothing.  I think it would require significant discussion on our part to discuss all of the pros and cons with all the various options that are available to you.  Allergan has provided some assistance with one of those options.  For the next 2 years, until July 24, 2021, for those patients who desire to have their Allergan textured implants removed and replaced with smooth implants, they will provide a smooth implant free of charge.  If you have silicone implants they will replace it with a silicone smooth and if you have saline implants they will replace it with a saline smooth.  They’re not providing any assistance with cost of the surgery.

The FDA has issued a statement that they do NOT believe textured implants should be removed, as do I, unless you are having problems with your implants.  If you are contemplating the option of switching to smooth implants, there are pros and cons with that option as well.  I do not believe switching from textured to smooth implants is necessarily the best option for a lot of patients.  If you think you might want to pursue this option, I would strongly encourage you to call my office and make an appointment so we can discuss all of these pros and cons.  If you then do elect to switch from textured to smooth implants, this replacement option provided by Allergan might be of assistance to you.

As always, my goal is to take care of you and do what is best for you individually.  If you are unsure what type of implant you have, I would also encourage her to call my office to find out.  If you have further questions, I look forward to hearing from you.


Richard R. Orr, Jr., MD, FACS

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