Is “BIGGER” Better?

​In my 30 + years of practice, I have seen trends come and go in the cosmetic surgery world, here in Evansville, and around the world.  In my training, in the 80’s, implants were becoming more and more popular.  Upon arriving in Evansville, the trend was only just beginning to catch on.  People came in with an interest in breast enhancement but didn’t want anyone to know.  Over 75% of my patients would opt for a tear-drop shaped implant, to give them as natural of a look as possible, and hopefully get by with no one ever knowing they had had breast enhancement surgery done.

Then, in the early and mid-2000’s, I was using at least 75% round implants, and even the higher-profile implants to give patients that “enhanced” look. I heard regularly, “I want to turn lots of heads!!” Now in the past 5 years, I am seeing many women who have had implants for years, now wanting them out!  “They served my purposes when I had them ‘done’, but now I am tired of them.”  Women are coming in regularly to have their implants removed and their breasts lifted back to where they used to be.

However, most plastic surgeons cannot do an effective breast lift without putting implants in!  These women come to them wanting their implants removed and breasts lifted, only to hear that they will still have to have implants placed to achieve their desired look!  With this older style of breast lift surgery, an implant was required to fill up the upper part of the breast, otherwise there was a “ski-slope” look to the upper part of the breast.

I have been using a different technique of breast lift over the past 23 years that does not require an implant.  As a matter of fact, it is difficult to put an implant in at the same time as this lift.  The women are very happy to hear that there is a way to get a good breast lift and leave implants out!  I am almost doing more implant removal and lifting breasts than I am doing first-time implants.

I believe the era of “big boobs” is coming to a close.  Smaller, perkier, and all-natural breasts are becoming the desired look!!  If you would like that smaller, perkier look that is free of artificial implants, to correct the effect of time, gravity, age, and childbearing, please give my office a call!!


Richard R. Orr, Jr., MD

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