The Corona Virus

Here at the Orr Clinic for Plastic Surgery, we are very well aware of the concerns people have regarding the spread of the Corona Virus.  Businesses are either curtailing hours or cutting employees, and some businesses are closing their doors either temporarily or permanently.  Many people are anxious to leave their home or to be in public areas at all.

As a physician’s office, my office is still open for business.  We are striving to make this as safe an environment for you to be in as possible during this time.  I have always tried to maintain as few people as possible in my waiting room by scheduling patients at a particular time; therefore, there should be very few if any patients in the waiting room with you.  Before and after every patient, we are disinfecting the exam tables and all the surfaces including doorknobs.  We’re disinfecting the office counter tops and door handles after each patient as well.  Each patient is getting a freshly laundered robe to minimize any risk of cross contamination.

We are open for business.  If you have any particular concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to bring those to our attention.  I would also ask that any patients who are either showing any symptoms or signs of fever, headache, cough, or flulike symptoms, or any patients who’ve been out of the country, exposed to other flu patients, or have been on cruises or in highly contaminated areas, that those patients let us know about that before they arrive.

We all need to be safe, and watch out for each other.  We are all in this together!!


Richard R. Orr, Jr., MD

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