Facial Treatments

Coming to a Plastic Surgeon can be a very difficult and daunting thing for many people to do, especially if they feel they are being vain.  They may go to a non-plastic surgeon because they may feel less guilty about seeking their services.  They can more easily go to their family physician or ob/gyn, or other non-plastic surgeons, and not feel the same guilt as coming to a true plastic surgeon.  They may be scared that a plastic surgeon will only recommend surgery, rather than a less invasive, less expensive or less risky option.  They may be scared that a plastic surgeon will make them look like the “all-too-well-known” over-pulled and over-operated on celebrity.  They want to still look like themselves, or they don’t want anyone else knowing they have had anything done.

The face, being that part of us that is seen by everyone else, usually portrays the first signs of aging.  Both gravity and the natural loss of volume in our faces results in the signs of aging that we all see in ourselves.  It is hard to maintain our own sense of youth when we look in the mirror and see the tell-tale wrinkles, depressions and spots on our own faces.

After someone comes to me and we discuss the problems they see in themselves, I will try to give them a rundown of all the options that might give them some improvement.  Many times that may be just recommendations in their own routine skin care.  Sometimes, non-prescription or prescription items will give them all the boost they need.  From there, we can discuss the in-office options, whether they be Botox, injectable fillers, such as Juvederm or Sculptra, or Microdermabrasion.

After those options are discussed, we then will head into the realm of surgical procedures if the patient wants to look at those options.   I only employ those techniques that I would feel comfortable doing on my own family members.  I am usually glad to be the first doctor to try new techniques, but they have to be proven to me to be worthwhile.  I have had long-time patients who have moved out-of-state and have called me to see if a technique their local plastic surgeon is recommending is one I would use.  And many times, I will NOT do a surgical procedure on someone, even if they insist, if I don’t feel that is appropriate for them.  And, if I do convince someone to use a lesser procedure, I hope they will be comfortable enough with me to come back to me when that time comes that they do need more involved care.

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